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Founded solely by Tim Barakett in 1995, Atticus Capital was a diversified alternative asset manager focused on event-driven investments, and in 2007 was one of the largest hedge funds in the world, with assets under management exceeding $20 billion.

In addition to being the Founder, Chairman and CEO of Atticus Capital, Mr. Barakett was the Portfolio Manager of the Atticus Global Fund.

After building Atticus Capital for 15 years, in August 2009 Mr. Barakett announced his decision to return outside capital to investors and wind down the funds. In a letter to investors, Mr. Barakett wrote that the Atticus Global Fund would be liquidated and all investor capital, apart from a normal audit holdback, would be returned by October 2009. No sidepockets were created and 100% of capital was returned to investors by December 2009. Mr. Barakett’s decision to wind down Atticus Capital was personal in nature. He wanted to spend more time with his family, pursue his philanthropic interests and establish his family office and global direct investment business, TRB Advisors LP.

From its inception in 1995 through its funds closing in 2010, Atticus Capital’s investment funds collectively generated approximately $7 billion in profits for its investors. The following are details of the funds’ historic net returns:

Atticus Global S&P 500
Net Annualized Return 19.3% 3.9%
Net Cumulative Return 835.3% 62.3%

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